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Mizuho Relocation

Your Partner for Relocation Management in Tokyo

*We are the Relocation Management Company (RMC) and help you to find appropriate residences, apartments, offices in Tokyo, Japan.
*We support your business /management in Japan.
*If it is related to living in Tokyo, please consult us for anything.


Through various services , we will contribute to your happiness and development of the company.
Our company's pride is trust from you. 

Mizuho Relocation is committed to connecting people, companies and regions throughvarious services, supporting the development of society and making people happy.
In order to fulfill this constant mission, we will capture changes in society and continue to evolve ourselves.
We will devote ourselves to compliance, considering the environment, combining all the forces on the world stage and creating new value from real estate.
We are proud of being sought by society and being trusted in any age.

Mizuho Global Real Estate Brokerage
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With Services about General Affairs as the core services, we will contribute to society in a wide range, such as effective utilization and management of real estate, relocation management, system development, events planning and operation.

We, Mizuho relocationsolve various issues or problems for companies and individual customers.
We conduct the solution business as our mission.
We will propose a wide range of solutions by utilizing not only our resources but also our partner companies.



We provide various services related to relocation of offices and personal moving. We will reduce the burden on our customers by searching for offices,company-rented houses/apartments, managing vacated houses and related services.
In addition, We support overseas business and overseas assignment.

Mizuho Relocation Real Estate


Various developments related to information systems,  such as  web site, cloud computing, SNS services, enterprise system, etc., furthermore,
planning and management of events such as concerts, etc., correspond to a wide range of genres. If there is any issue or problem, please contact us. 

Mizuho System Event Real Estate



We offer you various services. As your business partner, we propose the solutions to your issues or problems. 


Mizuho Relocation Management Real Estate

We perform management tasks of various services relating to relocation of offices, moving of individual customers and overseas assignments.


Mizuho System Development

We support the development of web sites, cloud service, SNS, business system . We propose the plan for information systems which you need.

Music Concert,
Events, etc.

Mizuho Event Real Estate

We offer various events such as contemporary music concerts, opera concerts, projection mapping with music, etc.  We make the plans and manage the events.

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1632-13 Ino, Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-0855, Japan

Katsumasa Ishiyama


Consulting Firm

Member of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Industry
Member of Tokyo Real Estate Transaction Association


We will support your happy life in Japan.
Relocation coodinator

Please feel free to contact us.

*Land Use Planner 
*ADR Mediator
*Real Estate Transaction Specialist 
*Property Manager
*Licensed Strata Management Consultant
*Licensed Representative of Condominium Management Company
*Coordinator for Sale by Private Contract of Real Estate
*Auction Real Estate Handling Chief
*2nd Grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning
*Applied Information Technology Engineer